BS in Geology

The Bachelor of Science in Geology is a well-rounded physical science degree that is similar to a traditional geology degree. The UVU Earth Science degree, however, emphasizes aspects of the earth sciences that are applicable to today´s job market. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for careers in water resources, engineering geology, cleanup of polluted soil and groundwater, and oil and mineral exploration. Following are the key knowledge, skill, and ability goals of this degree program:

  • Knowledge of the major fields of geology, including petrology, mineralogy, sedimentology, paleontology, structural geology, engineering geology, and hydrogeology.
  • Knowledge of interactions between geology and society, including energy resources, sources of metals and industrial minerals, water resources, and geologic hazards.
  • Ability to conduct geologic field work, including mapping rocks and soils using traditional and GPS-based methods, collecting samples of minerals, rocks, soil, and fossils for laboratory analysis, and conducting subsurface investigations using trenching and drilling.
  • Ability to use laboratory methods to identify and analyze samples of minerals, rocks, soil, and fossils.
  • Knowledge of career paths related to geology.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.