Courses for Inservice Teachers

The Earth Science Department at Utah Valley University offers popular Bachelor of Science degrees in Earth Science and Earth Science Education. For students wishing to combine earth science with other fields of study, we offer two emphases of Geology and Environmental Management. Our courses and degree programs are designed to emphasize interactions between the various branches of the earth sciences (geology, paleontology, meteorology, etc.) and to provide students with a practical working knowledge of the material.

The Earth provides the raw materials to build our cities, the soil and water to grow our crops, and the energy to fuel our industries, to power our cars, and to heat our homes. The Earth is also capable of devastating individuals, towns, and whole regions through droughts, earthquakes, landslides, and other natural disasters. It is the job of the earth scientist to understand earth's history and active processes in order to make good use of Earth's resources and to avoid its hazards.

The earth sciences include paleontology, geology, geophysics, meteorology, climatology, and oceanography. Professional earth scientists include exploration geologists searching for oil, gas, and minerals, hazards geologists forecasting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, seismologists helping builders design earthquake-safe structures, meteorologists helping farmers anticipate drought, and hydrologists finding groundwater for growing cities. Over the past few decades, it has become clear that there are important relationships between the various branches of the earth sciences. The most effective earth scientist, regardless of area of specialty, is therefore someone who has a firm understanding of the entire earth system. The courses and degree programs offered by the Department of Earth Science emphasize interactions between the various branches of the earth sciences, provide a practical working knowledge of the material, and take advantage of Utah's incredible opportunities for field-based study.