Additional Nursing Program Information

Physical Demands:

Information regarding the physical demands of nursing students in Utah is detailed in a report available at This information may be helpful in determining nursing as a career.

Time Demands:

The nursing program is a very rigorous, time intensive, hands-on program with fixed lecture, lab and clinical schedules. It is strongly recommended that students do not seek and/or maintain employment during the program. If working is unavoidable, flexibility on the part of your work schedule is an absolute necessity; your nursing schedule must take first priority!!

Required Documentation:

Before being allowed to register for nursing courses, all students must verify various documents, tests and/or immunizations. These requirements are not only UVU Nursing Department requirements, but also requirements of all clinical facilities in which hands-on experiences will take place. A complete list of necessary certifications, immunizations tests, insurance, etc. is available in our office. Please check this information early, so you can be aware of additional requirements which must be met and to obtain or compile the necessary documents.

Progression/Graduation Requirements:

To help accomplish the UVU nursing department mission and values all required nursing and core coursework must be completed with a minimum letter grade of B- in order to progress in, and graduate from, the nursing program. Nursing core courses must be taken as scheduled and in sequence. Students must complete degree requirements and graduate from the ASN program before progressing to the BSN program. Successful completion of the NCLEX-RN is required before students will be allowed to register in the final semester of the BSN. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of all degree/graduation and progression requirements. Questions regarding degree requirements should be addressed to the nursing adviser.