RN-to-BSN Competitive Selection Criteria and Process

Entry into the program is determined by a point-based, competitive application process--THERE IS NO WAITING LIST!! Only two factors are awarded points in this application process. These two items are:
  1. NURSING PREREQUISITE GPA: Accounts for 70% of the total points possible; includes MATH 1050, CHEM 1110, ZOOL 2320, ZOOL 2420, PSY 1100 and MICR 2060, as well as all AS nursing core course work.
  2. LETTERS OF REFERENCE: Accounts for 30% of the total points possible

All applicants are notified of admission status by mail within 2 weeks of the application deadline. All eligible candidates are rank ordered, the top 10 being those who will be conditionally accepted into the program. All remaining eligible candidates will be identified as "alternates" and candidates from this alternate pool will be notified in rank order, if openings occur prior to the beginning of class for that semester to which application was made. Alternate candidates will not be carried forward to another application time frame.


ENTRANCE into the program will be contingent upon:

  1. Providing satisfactory results of both a federal background check and a drug screen. The background check will include a record of employment and all non-juvenile arrests and convictions, including sex offenses; UVU has sole discretion to deny entrance based upon the information contained in either of these two reports.
  2. Providing a TOEFL score, no older than 2 years, of 540 for the written test, 207 for the computer-based test or 83 for the iBT test. (An English Language Proficiency requirement must be met by all applicants for whom English is a second language.) TOEFL Exam information is available at http://www.ets.org.