BS in Physics

Students completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics will be prepared for the next step in pursuit of their chosen career. Several paths are available depending upon the student's interests including entering to graduate school in physics, pursuing graduate education in other disciplines (e.g., engineering, computer science, or a medically related field) or going directly into the job market upon graduation. The degree elective requirements may be tailored to suit the student's particular needs or interests. For example, a student wishing to attend medical school may wish to focus elective credit in biology and chemistry, a student wishing to pursue an advanced engineering degree may wish to emphasize engineering courses, etc. The following are the key knowledge, skill, and ability goals of this degree program:


  • Knowledge of the core fields of physics including mathematics, classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, optics and wave phenomena, and modern physics (including quantum mechanics and relativity).
  • Skills in general laboratory procedures employed in scientific demonstrations and experimental work.
  • Knowledge and skills of basic research obtained by applying the scientific method of investigation in a capstone research experience (for those students intent on graduate degrees in science).
  • Knowledge of scientific procedures and background information in emphasis areas like engineering and medicine, etc., (for students interested in these areas).