Physics Students at Utah Valley University
College of Science & Health

Undergraduate Research

The UVU Physics Department has several opportunities for undergraduate research. Currently we have students working on projects in particle physics, geophysics, semiconductor physics and in physics education.

The department is in the process of putting together a small semiconductor technology laboratory for student projects in many areas from sensor science to photovoltaics.

Students wishing to participate in physics research should contact a faculty member directly to discuss options that are available. The following list of faculty and their expertise may help you find a suitable project:

Alvin Benson

Interests in Geophysics - seismic imaging using magnetometry and ground penetrating reader.
Room: 227 of the Science Building
Phone: (801) 863-7497

Karl Haisch Jr.

Interest in astrophysics.
Room: 202f of the Science Building
Phone: (801) 863-6473

Phil Matheson

Interests in renewable energy, space and plantary science and general physics problems.
Room: 209 of the Science Building
Phone: (801) 863-7161

Paul Mills

Interests in acoustics, astronomy, semiconductor technology and general physics problems.
Room: 213 of the Science Building
Phone: (801) 863-8633

Alex Panin

Interests in plasma physics and experimental physics.
Room: 0003 of the Science Building
Phone: (801) 863-8543

John Powell

Interest in astrophysics, stellar populations and yellow giant stars.
Room: 619c of the Gunther Trades Building
Phone: (801) 863-

Steve Wasserbaech

Interests in experimental particle physics.
Room: 228 of the Science Building
Phone: (801) 863-7498

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