How We S.A.W. Success in the Science Association of Women at UVU

UVU Science Building

S.A.W. donated 100 percent of the proceeds of the January 2010 Faculty Rocks concert to help fund UVU's new science building.

UVU's "Expanding Your Horizons" Conference

S.A.W. assists the annual conference, which, for 25 years and counting, has guided girls ages 12 to 18 toward scientific fields in higher education.

Nursing Program Placement

Every single member of S.A.W. club leadership that has applied to nursing school has been accepted, whether at UVU or the University of Utah.

Utah Women and Education Project

S.A.W. helped facilitate a Utah System of Higher Education-sponsored study and conference that examined Utah's low rate of women pursuing and obtaining college degrees.

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UVU's Native Garden

S.A.W. rolled up its sleeves to help the UVU Botany Club beautify its Native Garden area.