B.S. in Dance Ballroom Dance Emphasis Program Description

Utah Valley University offers a BS Degree in Dance with a Ballroom Dance emphasis. 

  • This degree offers serious and rigorous training in ballroom dance, preparing students to enter the field of ballroom dance. 
  • All dance degrees at UVU share a common core curriculum with foundational studies in movement fundamentals, ballet, and modern dance; also included are improvisation, music for dancers, dance history, and kinesiology. 
  • Ballroom emphasis requirements include technical instruction in International Style. Ballroom, International Style Latin, and American Style ballroom dancing.  Theory classes include Pedagogy and Teaching Methods, Ballroom Choreography, and Studies in Ballroom Dance Styles.  Performance opportunities are available in the UVU Ballroom Dance Company.

B.S. in Dance Ballroom Dance Emphasis Program Outcomes

Students in the B.S. in Dance with a Ballroom Dance Emphasis will:

  • Perform ballroom dance with artistry demonstrating advanced level technical competency.
  • Create choreographic works of artistic merit demonstrating skills in choreographic elements, principles, and structures of dance.
  • Write articulately, using dance language and demonstrating perceptive, reflective, and analytical knowledge and skills.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in teaching ballroom dance.