Auditions & Scholarships

Ballroom applicants: Submit application and a video, demonstrating two dances: International Latin (choose from cha-cha, samba or rumba) and International Ballroom (choose from waltz, tango or foxtrot). These two dances should be syllabus routines using bronze, silver or gold figures. Costumes are not allowed. Please upload your video as an unlisted or private link to the Internet (YouTube or Vimeo, etc.) and email the URL of the video to Paul Winkelman at no later than January 25, 2014.

Dance Scholarship Poster (PDF)


For the academic year 2014-2015:
UVU Dance Scholarship Auditions will take place on Saturday, January 25,

Exceptional Performance Scholarships
For each performing group (Ballet, Ballroom and Modern Dance) 7 full in-state tuition waivers
and 2 out-of-state tuition waivers.
• New (less than 12 credit hours completed at UVU) or Continuing student
• 2.5 Cumulative G.P.A.
• Specific course requirements for each performing group
• Minimum of 12 credits each semester on scholarship
• Member of a performing group

Dean's Merit Scholarships
6 half-tuition waivers
• New or Continuing student
• Declared Dance Major
• Maintain 3.0 G.P.A.
• Minimum of 6 credits of Dance each semester on scholarship
• Minimum of 12 credits each semester on scholarship
• Progression through Major

In addition to application, the following is required:
1) Letter ofIntent - One typewritten page (limit 2500 characters) explaining personal interests,
professional goals, and reason for choosing area of emphasis.
2) Letter of Recommendation (for continuing students, submit name of the UVU dance instructor
you've taken dance classes from).
3) Current Transcript

Note: If you default on a scholarship, you will be ineligible for any other UVU scholarship in the


Please carefully read the following information regarding UVU Dance Scholarships:

 Download the appropriate application:
Download Application for New Student Scholarship
Download Application for Continuing Student Scholarship
Download Tuition Waiver Ballet
Download Tuition Waiver Modern Dance

ATTENTION New and Transfer Students: 
For General Academic Scholarships, make sure you apply for admission to the university online by January 17, 2014, and submit your official grade transcript and ACT score, to the Admissions office at Utah Valley University, 800 W University Parkway, MS 106, Orem UT, 84058, by February 3, 2014.  For any scholarships other than dance, please submit your online scholarship application by February 3, 2014.  If you have any questions regarding non-dance scholarships, please contact the Scholarship office at 801-863-8443.   

If you are only interested in auditioning for a Dance Scholarship, you will still need to apply for admission to the university by January 17, 2014.

You should have with you at the audition:

  1. Completed Scholarship Application (available online)
  2. Letter of Recommendation (if you have not taken dance classes at UVU)
  3. Letter of Intent – one typewritten page (limit 2500 characters) explaining personal interests, professional goals, and reason for choosing area of emphasis
  4. Current Transcript

Ballet: Come dressed to take a ballet technique class; women should bring pointe shoes. 

Ballroom: Men are to wear a tie and nice fitting clothing.  Women are to wear a skirt or dress.  You must have dance shoes.  Must bring a partner; partner does not need to be an applicant.  You will need to supply your own music.  Must bring two separate routines.  One routine must be International Latin or American Rhythm and the other International Standard or American Smooth.  If you choose, you may substitute a Cabaret for either of the above.  Routine will be videotaped for further evaluation. 

Modern: 1 minute solo of your own choreography so that we can see your skill and experience at creating, shaping, and performing your own original movement vocabulary.  We are interested in seeing movement you have created, not movement you have learned from teachers, other choreographers, etc.  Come in dance attire that allows us to see the line of the body clearly, as you will be taking an intermediate-level modern dance technique class that will include elements of composition and improvisation.