Distance Education Helps UVU Offer Courses


Online courses offer convenient access to course materials and instructional media, as well as interactions with instructors and classmates, using the latest technology. These courses are rigorous and can give students experience they wouldn't otherwise have in the classroom.

Online Courses


Hybrid courses couple technology with innovative teaching practices to increase flexibility and engagement. Hybrids transform one or more face-to-face sessions into online experiences, reducing physical seat time without diminishing educational outcomes.

Hybrid Courses


Live Interactive courses allow students to participate in classes real-time from a variety of regional sites via video-conferencing technology. Students can ask questions, watch instruction as if they were on campus, and interact with other students.

Live-Interactive Courses



Distance Education (DE) extends the reach of the physical campus to offer courses, degrees, and related services that help meet students' evolving educational needs. Through the integration of new technologies into teaching and research, DE encourages innovation in instruction and enables the realization of a purposeful, technology-enhanced curriculum that provides additional educational opportunities, fosters engaged learning, and advances the standards of academic quality at UVU.