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Taking Quizzes

Some courses use online quizzes or tests. To take a test online, first log into Canvas, then go to the Quizzes link in the left navigation bar.

Find the quiz or test from the list that appears.

Click on the appropriate test or quiz.

Check the availability. Quizzes or tests may not be available until a certain date. In the example above, the test is not available until Feb. 6. Click Take the Quiz when you are ready.

Some quizzes or test require an access code in order to take it. Enter the access code on the line provided. Contact the instructor or proctor for the access code if necessary.

Taking the Test

A sample multiple-choice question below:


Some students like to mark questions they want to come back to later. To do that in Canvas, hover the mouse over the top-left corner and click to bookmark a question. A question can be un-bookmarked by clicking the star again.

In the top-right corner there will be a list of questions. Questions that have been answered will appear dim (like Question 1 in the example below). Some quizzes or tests will also have a time limit. The time limit can be hidden by clicking the Hide link just above the timer.

Make sure all the questions have been answered. Click Submit Answers at the bottom of the quiz when it is complete.

Test Results

Once a quiz or test has been submitted, the test results are listed in the top-right. This information will be different depending on the settings the instructor used. For example, quizzes or tests that can be taken multiple times by clicking the link Take the Quiz Again.

Some instructors will show the results of the test. Correct answers will show in green:

Incorrect answers will appear in red. Some quizzes will also display the correct answer as well:

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