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Distance Education - Student Support

High School Student Support

High school students may take UVU Distance Education classes through Concurrent Enrollment. These Live Interactive courses typically involve live, two-way video conferencing with the UVU campus from your high school. High School students must be admitted to UVU through Concurrent Enrollment, and may then find courses via our course listings before registering in UVLink

You are not registered for classes until you register through UVLink. Please note the following registration deadlines and info:

Live Interactive Registration

Director, DE Support Services

Karen Merrick
merricka@uvu.edu, (801) 863-7163

Manager, DE Support Services

Wendi Karbakhsh
kabakwe@uvu.edu, (801) 863-7164

High School Registration Specialist

Ann Drayer
arrayer@uvu.edu, (801) 863-8764


Brittani Pugmire
Academic Advisor
britanni.pugmire@uvu.edu, (801) 863-6713

Carlee Madsen
Academic Advisor
carlee.madsen@uvu.edu, (801) 863-6931

Course Specialists

Justin Harper
harperJu@uvu.edu, (801) 863-7492

Bermarie Barreto
bermarieb@uvu.edu, (801) 863-6496

David Stapley
David.Stapley@uvu.edu, (801)863-6302

Susan Baxter
sbaxter@uvu.edu, (801) 863-6202

Sharon Hatton
Sharon.Hatton@uvu.edu, 801-863-6812

Andee Bowden
andreab@uvu.edu, 801-863-7361

Shawn Edwards
shawn.edwards@uvu.edu, 801-863-7440


Contact Support Services

Extended Education 112
Phone: 801-863-8255; toll free: 1-888-425-4412
E-mail: dehelp@uvu.edu
Fax: 801-863-6171
Distance Education : dehelp@uvu.edu | 801.863.8255
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