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Kristie Dockstader

Kristie Dockstader
Academic Advisor

Office: HP 101b
Phone: (801) 863-6974
Email: Kdockstader@uvu.edu
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My Advising Philosophy

I want to create a student centered environment conducive to learning. I serve as a facilitator and try to model clinical, communicative, and professional skills and attitudes. I try to help the students connect learning to real life experiences they will encounter as vital members of the health care team. I try to develop students' critical thinking and the problem solving skills they will need as health care providers. I believe dental hygienists should be oral health educators and facilitators in their patients' quests for the understanding of, and attainment of, optimum oral and general health through prevention, communication, education and treatment. If you are interested in becoming a dental hygienist, it is important to investigate your potential career as soon as possible. I recommend you do this by: shadowing a dental hygienist, speaking to our department, looking at various websites and journals, speaking to various people involved in health care and to be self-reflective as to why you want to become a dental hygienist. It is important to speak to us to get the details on the pre-requisites and admission process. As the Dental Hygiene Advisor, I would be happy to speak with you about our program, our admission process and the dental hygiene profession.