Brian Wolferts
department: Development Services
title: Technician for Data & Research
office: AD 105
phone: 801-863-8414
fax: 801-863-8737

For 12 years Brian Wolferts served as an installer, service technician, and project manager for cable TV, private business phone, and TCP/IP high-speed internet sectors of the telecommunications industry. In 2004 he graduated cum laude with a bachelor of science degree in business management.

Brian then established a data-processing department for a local company that specializes in direct marketing campaigns. The success of the highly efficient and productive department is credited to Brian’s application of sound data principles, his creation of best practices and procedures and his documenting of them in an effective training manual, his implementation of quality controls, and his motivating subordinates through inspiring group and individual goals.

Brian now joins Utah Valley University as a data and research technician in the advancement & data management team.

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