Kyle Tresner
department: Development
title: Director of Development - Arts
office: GT 604
phone: 801-863-6246
fax: 801-863-6819

Kyle is a relationship builder and marketer. He has over fifteen years of experience in development work, where he has raised millions of dollars to build academic programs, buildings, and youth programs. As assistant dean of life sciences at his alma mater, BYU, he was the faculty advisor for the pre-dental program and was instrumental in creating teams of students, donors, and practicing dentists that visited impoverished nations to improve dental care. As a participant in these missions, Kyle has seen first-hand the impact of philanthropy and how it can change lives. Kyle is also a successful business owner, involved with a number of youth charities, and has served as a Boy Scout leader for the past 20 years. He currently serves on the BYU Alumni Board of Directors and on various community boards. Kyle and his wife, Lara, are the parents of five girls and live in Orem.

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