TerryAnn Harward
department: Foundation
title: Assistant Director- Donor Relations
office: AL 207
phone: 801-863-5321
fax: 801-863-8604

TerryAnn Harward has been active in many community efforts, including successfully chairing the 1997 Get Out the Vote campaign for the $16-million GO Bond needed for the renovation of the Provo City Library at Academy Square. After serving on the Provo Library Board, she was hired full time in 1997 by Provo City Library and was eventually recruited and appointed the executive director and department chair for the Provo Municipal Council. She has been active in local politics for many years and recently completed eight years on the Utah State Library Board, serving four of those years as the chair.

TerryAnn graduated magna cum laude and as a presidential scholar from Utah Valley State College in 1996. During her college career she served as the first student alumni president and the Graphic Arts Club president and was elected as student body academic vice president in 1994-95 and student body president in 1995-96. She received the 1996 Wolverine Achievement Award for her contributions to UVSC. She received her masters in organizational management in 2003, graduating with a 4.0 GPA.

She joined the Division of UVU Development and Alumni Relations in January 2011 as part of the administrative support team and has worked with the UVU Community Alumni Program.

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