Professional Association of Campus Employees (PACE) Endowed Scholarship Fund

  1. For continuing students who have attended at least the previous two semesters (may skip Summer) at UVU, with at least six credits each semester. No transfer students, new or other students.
  2. Must be in a bachelor degree-seeking program. (If student changes their major to a program that is not a bachelor degree seeking program, then the award is forfeited).
  3. Must be a resident of the state of Utah.
  4. Must have Junior class standing (60 or more total credits earned) the first semester the award would be applicable.
  5. GPA requirement: Must have at least 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  6. Minimum credit hour requirement for the award semesters is 6 each, with a pro-rated amount granted based upon the number of credits they take.
  7. Must have a letter of recommendation from a full-time staff member. This letter will not be used to subjectively determine awardees, only eligibility for the award.
  8. Essay question (within the application process). Tell us about yourself and your desire to complete a bachelor’s degree at Utah Valley University.