Frequently Asked Questions

Can I waive or test out of any of the classes if I already have skills in an area?

To test out of a course you must contact the mentor for the course and set up with them to test out. Once you have tested out, the mentor needs to e-mail the department admin with the student's name, UV id, course number and whether or not they met the passing requirements. The policy below is from the Graduation office about challenge/experiential credit.

Challenge/Experiential Credit Policy

  • A maximum of 16 Challenge/Experiential Credits may apply toward a degree. Aviation and Emergency Services students must discuss this policy with their Advisor.
  • Challenge/Experiential credits include CLEP, DSST, Departmental Examinations and credits awarded based on equivalent experience.
  • Student may not receive challenge or experiential credit for a course which they are/or have been registered for. This means it cannot appear on the student's transcript, even if the grade is a W, UW, or E.
  • Students may challenge (or request experiential credit for) a course ONCE.
  • FEES include: A processing fee of $15 per course (does to department) and tuition of $5 per credit hour (goes to dedicated credits fund).

How do I contact an advisor?

The academic advisors office is located in CS 635. You can call 801-863-8648 and the admin can schedule a time for you to meet or talk with an advisor over the phone. Due to the high volume of students getting in to meet with the advisor, it is best that you call the admin to schedule a time and not the advisor.

Who do I talk to if I want to go on a tour of the department?

Please call the office at 801-863-6283 and the office assistant or admin will check with a professor about a day & time that they are available to give a tour. Tours usually happen on a Friday because faculty member have a more open schedule.

How do I know when I can meet with faculty?

Faculty schedules are posted on the bulletin board outside of the office CS 526, next to the faculty member's offices and you can also call the office at 801-863-6283 and the office assistant or admin can inform you of the faculty's office hours.

How do I find out about special department events or announcements?

You can call the office at 801-863-6283 and the office assistant or admin will answer any questions you might have. Although we try to keep track of all events taking place, we may not know or having information about all events that will or may take place.

What kinds of jobs/internships are available?

All jobs and internships are posted on the UV Job Board website at http://www.uvu.edu/cdc/.

Who can schedule me to meet with an academic advisor?

You can call 801-863-8648 and the admin can schedule you to meet with an academic advisor.

How do I contact an adjunct instructor?

Unless the adjunct tells us we can give out a personal contact number, we will only give out an e-mail address for you to contact an adjunct. You can call 801-863-6283 or stop by our office CS 526 and we would be happy to get an e-mail address for you.

Where is the Aculis Testing Center and what times is it open?

The Aculis Testing Center is located in CS612 and you can call them at 801-863-8431 for any questions about scheduling a test, times they are open, etc. Please note that the time the Aculis Testing Center is open varies semester to semester. We try to schedule the center to be open Monday - Thursday 9 AM to 6 PM and Friday 9 AM to 5 PM. This time is subject to change at any time due to the University's holiday schedule, proctor schedule and department needs.

Who do I talk to if I want to test out of a course?

You can contact the admin at 801-863-6283 for any question about testing out of a course. He/She will then direct you to the correct mentor who will then set up a day and time for you to test out of a course.