Contact Information


Director, Dining Services

Joaquin Menendez

(801) 863 - 8614

Joaquin has an extensive career in the food and beverage industry. His experiences in fine dining, multi-outlet management, institutional teaching and high-volume catering are well welcomed in UVU's Dining Services.


Executive Chef

John Miller

(801) 863 - 5594

Chef John takes pride in developing recipes and menus that showcase his talents in the culinary arts. 


Valley View Cafeteria Manager

Sue Ann George

(801) 863 - 8742

Sue has worked in the food industry for 25+ years. Food is her passion. Sue always sees the bright side to every situation and loves to make sure each and every customer feels their needs are met.  


Catering Director

Tracy Warner

(801) 863 - 6928



Catering Supervisors

Catalina Perez & Kim Schollenberger

(801) 863 - 6940



 Retail/Branded Restaurants Manager

Ibraham Tashman

(801) 863 - 6489

Ibraham has worked in Dining Services for many years. He efficiently manages restaurant operations and maintains high production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards.