Digital Signage Rules

Digital Signage is a campus-funded system maintained by Media Services. Only registered student organizations, campus governance units, academic units, campus departments/offices, and College committees are permitted to display content on the Digital Signage system. This content must be UVU related and adhere to the Digital Signage Content Guidelines. Please refer to the content guidelines before you submit any content.

Content must be submitted electronically to a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the first date the content is to be displayed on the Digital Signage system. Content submissions must include the first name, last name, and phone number of the submitter, the date the content should start running on the Digital Signage system, and the digital poster or video file as an attachment to the email.

University Marketing & Communications and the Campus Image Committee reserves the right to address concerns or make suggestions related to Digital Signage content in an effort to reinforce the educational mission of the University.

Banner Signs

There are ten banner slots on the banner signs.  They allotted as follows:  

  1. (Student Life Owner to Be Determined)
  2. (Student Life Owner to Be Determined)
  3. (Student Life Owner to Be Determined)
  4. (Student Life Owner to Be Determined)
  5. (Student Life Owner to Be Determined)
  6. (Student Life Owner to Be Determined)
  7. General Campus Ads
  8. Athletics
  9. Automated Campus Events List
  10. Marketing


  1. All Digital Signage requests must be submitted through the UVU Clubs and Organizations website, To do this the form entitled DIGITAL SIGNAGE REQUEST must be filled out and the image must be attached accordingly.
  2. Each club is only permitted to display four (4) advertisements through Digital Signage during each semester.
  3. Only club sponsored event and/or activities are permitted to be advertised using Digital Signage. An event and/or activity is classified as a club meetings, service project, fundraisers, social event, etc. that is open to the entire student body to participate.
  4. All content (language and graphics) must be appropriate for public usage and tasteful in imagery. In addition, any content that is visibly demeaning of the University or the University’s name will not be permitted.
  5. The event and/or activity TITLE must be clearly visible and stated.
  6. The DATE, TIME, and LOCATION of the event and/or activity must be clearly visible and stated.
  7. The NAME (or logo) of the club or organization sponsoring the event/activity must be clearly visible and stated.

By adhering to these guidelines clubs and organizations will be able to better utilize the resource of Digital Signage. By following these guidelines each club and organization will continue to have an opportunity to be represented and publicize their events and/or activities on campus. Events and/or activities include club meetings, service projects, fundraisers, etc. that are open to the entire student body to participate. If the event is only open to club members it is not necessary for the club to utilize Digital Signage.

Commercial Advertising

Advertisement of commercial products or services on the Digital Signage system is prohibited.

Course Advertising

Course advertising on campus-owned displays is prohibited.

Deans may approve proposed content for their individually owned digital signs on a case by case basis. Content must not specify or promote a particular faculty member or section number. Reference to a unique course is appropriate.

Department-Owned Displays

Department who have purchased digital signage locations can own up to 75% of the play-time on those displays.


The use of Official UVU logos and secondary marks must adhere to the UVU Branding Style Guide found at


The use of solid red backgrounds on posters or videos is reserved for Emergency Communications only. Digital Signage content submitted with a solid red background will not be scheduled for display.

Run Time

An item can be displayed for a maximum of 2 Weeks.

A 3 day grace period should be allowed from the time the item is submitted until it will show up on the displays.  Items submitted for an event that is less than 3 days away will not be approved for display.

No more than 2 posters can be submitted for a single event or promotion during a 14 day period.

Longer run times may be available during the Summer Semester depending on the amount of content received.

Time limits only apply to campus wide content. Content that runs only on department-owned displays are not subject to these limits.

Digital Signage Governance


The model for the distribution of responsibilities for the digital signage system is as follows:

  • Campus Departments, Organizations & Units: Content generation, submission and maintenance
  • University Communication Committee: Establish and oversee digital signage policies, procedures & standards
  • Executive Infrastructure and Planning Committee (EIP) & Campus Image Committee: Approve locations for digital displays
  • University Marketing: Content review - Overall look and feel of content presentation, University branding and image for digital signage
  • Office of Information Technology (including Media services): System administration, technical implementation, automating content integration with other systems


Location an number of digital display in various rooms and buildings on campus.

  • Library - 13
  • Student Center - 10
  • Valley View Room - 2
  • Browning Administration - 3
  • LC - 8
  • Human Resources - 1
  • Pope Science - 2
  • Office of IT - 1
  • Service Desk - 1
  • CS - 2
  • GT - 3
  • Sparks Automotive - 1
  • PE - 3
  • LA - 4
  • Wasatch Campus - 4
  • Woodbury Business - 3
  • National Guard - 1
  • Extended Education - 3
  • Emergency Services - 2
  • Education - 2
  • Aviation - 1
  • Science Building - 7
  • Building L - 2
  • Noorda Theatre - 1
  • BRC - 1
  • Testing Center - 1
  • Student Life and Wellness - 13
  • Wee Care - 1
  • Classroom Building - 16

Total Campus Locations:  120