Secondary Education

The Portfolio

All files MUST be in Microsoft Word or PDF Format, unless specified. Use the following to organize your Portfolio.
You will need to create 6 folders and in each folder you will add the appropriate key assignment.
Below is how each folder should be titled and laid out.

What is in the portfolio?

  • The portfolio contains key assignments from your secondary education courses.
  • The portfolio will contain your senior project. 
  • The portfolio is composed of 6 folders see below for the arrangement of each folder.

Why a portfolio?
  • UVU School of Education must be able to document our claim to the State of Utah and to our national accreditation association that we are preparing students to be successful beginning teachers.
  • The portfolio of key assignments and the senior project demonstrates your preparation in meeting InTASC standards. 
  • Each key assignment and senior project provides you with the opportunity to reflect upon your training prior to your student teaching and during your student teaching.

You should save the following “Key Assignments” from each of your courses, which will make up the portfolio.  

By saving we mean:  Save a hard copy and save electronic copies in more than one place.

Name of folders and the key assignments that each folder should contain:

Folder 1: Learning Environment Folder
          Developing Classroom Community Investigation (EDSC 4200 Management I)
          Management Case Study (EDSC 4250 Management II)
Folder 2: Instruction/Planning Folder 
         Field Response Journal (EDSC 3000 Educational Psychology)
         Digital Storytelling (EDSC 3250 Instructional Technology)
         Methods Course Lesson Plan/Units (Content Area Method Courses)

Folder 3: Assessment Differentiated Reading and Writing (EDSC 4440 Reading & Writing in the Content Area)

           Backwards Design Unit and Lesson Plans (EDSC 4550 Secondary Curriculum & Assessment)
          Assessment Inventory (EDSC 3000 Educational Psychology)

Folder 4: Reflection Folder
          Multicultural Cross-cultural Analysis (EDSC 4450 Multicultural/ESL)
          Portfolio Reflection Student Teaching (EDSC 4250 Classroom Management II)

Folder 5: Professionalism Folder
          Professional Learning Community (EDSC 3050 Foundations)

Folder 6: Senior Project
          Pre-lesson Plans (Entrance into the SOE Program)
          Senior Project (EDSC 4850 Student Teaching)

Go to the Portfolio Template to view the layout and structure of what your portfolio should look like on the CD.

To download and print a copy of the Portfolio Requirements go to Portfolio Requirement Document

Once your Portfolio is set up according to the above outline and saved to your computer and/or flash drive make a copy of the main folders and burn the copies to a CD-RW.