Secondary Education

Student Information

During the time you are in the Secondary Education program you will be responsible for completing Key Assignments. You will work with each professor in completing the key assignments. Each key assignment will be placed in a portfolio and then submitted at the end of the program.

During your student teaching assignment you will complete a senior project. The purpose of this project is to help you continue to understand the teaching/learning process and to demonstrate your skills and abilities as a teacher. Your project will involve teaching a unit, which will include planning, teaching, assessing, evaluating learning and teaching, and reflecting on the teaching/learning process. Completion of the Senior Project is a requirement for graduation and licensure through the School of Education at Utah Valley University.

For directions and scoring guides click on the Senior Project.

Throughout the education program you will be required to create lesson plans. The School of Education uses a certain form for lesson plans created in your different classes. Click on the Lesson Plan Template to view the form. The lesson plan rubric will be used to score your lesson plans.


Useful resources for the Praxis Tests and Utah State Office of Education

The School of Education uses the Portfolio to document our claim to the Utah State Office of Education and to TEAC accreditation board that we are preparing students to be successful beginning teachers. Throughout the program you will be required to complete key assignments and during your student teaching experience you will be required to complete a senior project. The key assignments and senior project make up the Portfolio which is reviewed to ensure all students have been prepared in meeting the InTASC standards. To view the requirements and layout of the Portfolio click on the Portfolio links below.

Disposition survey has been created for an online response. Please take a few moments to complete the survey click on the link below.

You will find various websites under Professional Organizations to use throughout the Education Program and your teaching career.

Students may not solicit schools and/or principals for possible student teaching and/or internship placement. Student teaching and/or Intern placements and selection will be determined by the partnership district, content area departments, and the Secondary Education Selection and Retention Committee.