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Student Teaching Seminar

The Senior Project

The School of Education is requiring all student teachers and intern teachers to complete a Senior Project as part of their final portfolio. All the information you will need to complete the Senior Project can be found on Canvas for your section of EDSC 4850. In addition to the online modules, you will be required to attend 4 seminar sessions. During this seminar you will learn about the senior project, ask questions, gain feedback, receive guidance on creating, completing and editing your senior project . The seminars will be scheduled in the afternoons throughout the semester. View the calendar below for seminar dates and times. Attendance is not an option it is required. We will meet in the computer lab in the education building.

The purpose of the Senior Project is to help you continue to understand the teaching and learning process as well as demonstrating your skills and abilities as a teacher. Your project will involve teaching a unit, which will include planning, teaching assessing, evaluating learning and teaching, and reflecting on the teaching and learning process.  Completion of the Senior Project is a requirement for graduation and licensure through the school of education at Utah Valley University.

Senior Meeting Schedule and Due Dates

Dates Event Location and Time

Friday, 12-6-2013

Senior Meeting Session 1:


Contextual Factors

You may attend either day but you must attend one of the days.

Contextual Factors Due: by 1-31-14, upload to Canvas

Student Teacher Orientation LI 120

Wednesday 1-22-14


Thursday 1-23-14

Senior Meeting Session 2:

Instructional Planning: Goals, Objectives, Instruction, & Assessment.

You may attend either day but you must attend one of the days.

Instructional Planning Due: by 3-31-14, upload to Canvas

ME Lab 1010 C        Time:   4:00 pm

Wednesday, 2-19-14


Thursday, 2-20-14

Senior Meeting Session 3:

Instructional Decision Making & Analysis of Student Learning,
Reflection and Evaluation

You may attend either day but you must attend one of the days.

Decision Making & Analysis of Student Learning & Reflection Due by 4-14-14 , upload to Canvas

ME Lab 1010 C        Time:   4:00 pm

Monday, 4-14--14


Wednesday, 4-16-14

Senior Meeting Session 4:

Final draft of Senior Project, Wrap Up

The Portfolio CD along with the Senior Project final draft will be submitted to the Secondary Education Department after all four sections of the senior project has been completed and passed off.

Upload fianl draft of Senior Project to your Portfolio


Organizing the Senior Portfolio
Utah State Office of Education Common Core
Common Core State Standards Initiative
Utah Education Network Common Core

Senior Portfolio Waiver Form

Contact Information: Dr. Talitha Hudgins:

Due Dates for each section of the Senior Project may be found on Canvas