EGDT Student Representative

Student Representative Adrian Duran

Adrian Duran - EGDT Student Representative

In September 2014, Adrian Duran became the new Student Representative for the Engineering Graphics & Design Technology Department.
He is majoring in Engineering Graphics & Design Technology.

Here are a few facts about him:
     I'm 26 years old
     Lab Assistant for the EGDT Department
     Fluent in Spanish
     Computer Numeric Controller (CNC) for 4 years
     Loves engineering

We are happy to have Adrian representing the Engineering Graphics & Design Technology Department!




 UVUSA Academic Senate Mission Statement

UVUSA Academic Senate Advocates for students and listens to their concerns in order to enhance the student experience and environment. We facilitate communication between administration and the student body and we strive to engage students through interesting, educational, and inspirational events. Through the Academic Senate, students can make a difference on campus.

Department representatives are integral members of the UVUSA  Academic Senate. They help the Academic Senate branch of UVUSA fulfill its mission by implementing these goals, among others, within their respective departments:

  • Advocate for the students within their respective departments. 
  • Research student needs and concerns and actively source for solutions.
  • Facilitate communication between department's administration, faculty, and staff, and the students.