Canvas provides a messaging system for use in communication between students and faculty.

Canvas will notify you of new messages, assignments, etc. based on the settings in your profile. This system can send messages to a number of communication systems (email, text, etc.).


 You can’t send messages to or from Canvas by using your normal email, including replies to notifications from Canvas.
  • Log in to Canvas

  • Visit the UVU Canvas website to learn more

  • Basic Email Functions

    • How do I change my default email address for notifications?

      • From the Profile page in Canvas, add an email address using the button under "Ways to Contact".  When the new email address is listed, click on the left side of the address listed, and the star representing the default email address will move to your new default email address.  You can also click the "Edit Profile" button, and then select your default email from the drop-down.
    • How do I set up notification preferences?

      • See the Setting Notifications and Communications Preferences section of the Canvas Wiki Profile Settings page.