• What is engaged learning?

    Engaged learning is the integration of traditional classroom teaching with experiential learning opportunities for students. This approach to higher education can have a variety of applications for student, faculty, or community partners, depending on their discipline or level of involvement. For more information about and examples of engaged learning at UVU, visit our student, faculty and community pages.

  • Why is UVU so committed to engaged learning?

    In 2007, UVU was designated as a Carnegie Foundation Community Engaged institution. The university joined approximately 150 other colleges and universities across the country to partner more effectively with our local and regional communities. Visit the Carnegie Foundation page for more information on our institutional classification.

  • What is UVU’s level of investment in engaged learning?

    A variety of programs across campus provide support for engaged learning activities. The university’s Grants for Engaged Learning program provides approximately $400,000 annually to support student and faculty projects. For more information on selection criteria and how to apply for funding, please visit Grants for Engaged Learning.

  • How does engaged learning benefit me as a student?

    Engaged learning provides students with a rich and meaningful educational experience. No matter what a student chooses to study, he or she can find an engaged learning experience at UVU. Read more about students’ engaged learning experiences at our story portal.

  • How can I find out more about funding opportunities for faculty?

    There are a number of university and department-wide programs that support engaged learning activities. Information and applications can be found on our faculty page.

  • Where can I find support for engaged learning projects in my classroom?

    The Office of Teaching and Learning provides services such as advising and consultation, faculty mentoring, access to funding resources, adjunct support, activities, events and other teaching resources. Details can be found at the OTL website.

  • What student resources are available for undergraduate research?

    Recognizing undergraduate research as an increasingly important aspect of higher education, the Office of Engaged Learning provides resources for students to participate in cutting edge research in their field of study. Information on research opportunities along with information on past projects, a calendar of related events and additional resources can be found at the Undergraduate Research website.

  • Where can students find funding for engaged learning projects?

    Institutional funding for engaged learning projects is provided through the Office of Engaged Learning. Visit uvu.edu/oel for more information on specific programs. Student are also encouraged to visit with their instructors regarding further opportunities.

  • Where can I find examples of successful engaged learning projects?

    Examples of engaged learning experiences at UVU are available on our studentfaculty and community pages and on our story portal. Success stories of specific projects funded by the Grants for Engaged Learning program can be found on the GEL website.

  • What is Grants for Engaged Learning (GEL)?

    The Grants for Engaged Learning program supports projects that promote collaborative learning and problem-solving activities. These projects are intended to provide solutions and benefits to our local, regional and global communities. Visit the GEL website for more information.

  • If I want to incorporate community-based learning into my curriculum, where would I go?

    There are a number of ways to approach community-based learning. On the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center website, faculty members can post volunteer needs or submit service-learning proposals under the “Community” section. You might also inquire about local opportunities through Internship Services. Lastly, the Office of Engage Learning can provide ideas for getting experience beyond the classroom.

  • What volunteer and service opportunities are available for students and faculty?

    A good place to start is Volunteer & Service-Learning Center, which is dedicated to providing service and service-learning opportunities for UVU students, faculty, and staff. The center works to increase social and cultural awareness, build a sense of community commitment, and extend meaningful educational opportunities to students. On the center’s website you can find resources specifically for students or faculty.

  • Where can I find more information on internships and professional development?

    UVU offers several avenues for hands-on experience and career tools. Internship Services offers a deep pool of internship information and resources, a job board and more. The Career Development Center features job fairs, resume help and other job search resources. Lastly, the Office of Engaged Learning is built to provide students with opportunities for professional exploration and experience.

  • How can community members get involved with UVU’s engagement mission?

    For ideas on how to get involved with UVU’s engagement mission, please visit our community resources section and learn about the numerous departments on campus that frequently collaborate with community members to strengthen our commitment to engaged learning, such as the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center, Internship Services, University Project, and more.

  • What is UVU’s University Project for civic engagement and how can I get involved?

    The Engage Community leverages the resources, talent, and energy of UVU to partner with key community partners to tackle challenging problems facing our region. The University Project initiative aligns UVU with key community partners on a multi-year project. To find out how you can get involved, visit the University Project site.

  • How can I become more involved with events on campus?

    The Student Involvement, an effort to integrate conferences, lectures, symposia, colloquia, workshops, and other co-curricular events into targeted university curriculum, hosts videos of past events, resources, and schedules for participating events. Additionally, please visit the UVU Event Calendar to stay up-to-date on activities campus-wide.

  • What is the Office of Engaged Learning (OEL)?

    The Office of Engaged Learning was designed to oversee the development of engaged learning and to ensure its long-term success across the university. The office oversees a number of engagement-related initiatives, including: Grants for Engaged Learning, and the Student Involvement.

  • How do I find UVU interns for my business, government, or non-profit organization?

    Interns for your business, government, or non-profit organization can be found through Internship Services. Visit the “Employers” section for further details.