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What is engaged learning for students?

UVU students can experience engaged learning no matter what course of study they pursue. For entrepreneurship students, engaged learning may mean starting a business as a class assignment. For automotive students, it may be fine-tuning the engine of a race car. For literature students, it may mean teaching Shakespeare to disadvantaged youth.

At UVU, engaged learning is woven into the curriculum at every programmatic level and across the university's eight colleges and schools. Beyond the curriculum, engaged learning occurs through internships, service learning, career development and other programs.

This Web page contains information and resources to help you learn more about engaged learning opportunities at UVU.

Resources for students

Use the Institute of Professional Engagement to expand your education beyond the classroom.

Get professional experience through an internship.

Go deeper into your field of study through undergraduate research.

Here for vocational/technical training? Try Career and Technical Education.

Learn how to accelerate your career through the Career Development Center.

Find a volunteer opportunity through the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center.