Student Complaint Procedure

Below you find the English & Literature's official complaint procedure. At the bottom of the page is a link for a pdf version of the same information.

English & Literature Complaint Procedure for Students

  1. Complaints, grade appeals, or other concerns about a particular English course should be discussed with the course instructor before filing a formal complaint.
  2. If discussion with your instructor fails to produce a resolution, you may choose to file a complaint with the Department. Formal complaints must be submitted in writing; please use the following guideline, typing your responses on a separate sheet of paper.
    1. Provide contact and course information.
      • Name
      • UVID
      • Email Address and/or phone number
      • Class
      • Instructor
      • Semester
      • Have you discussed your concerns with your instructor?
    2. Explain your specific complaint or problems with the class and/or instructor. Do not be vague. Don't say, "The teacher is not fair." Describe specific incidents in which the instructor acted unfairly.
    3. Propose your solutions. What do you want done? How do you suggest we go about solving the problem? Again, be as specific and detailed as possible.
  3. Attach any paperwork you want us to use to evaluate the situation. You could include your own graded papers, tests, and other work, as well as syllabus, assignment instructions, and other handouts from the instructor-anything that will help you explain and document your concerns.
  4. Submit your written appeal and all supporting materials to the English & Literature Department's main office, LA 114.
  5. Once the appropriate supervisor has examined your appeal and discussed the matter with the instructor, you will be contacted with a resolution or an invitation to make an appointment for further discussion.

pdf version