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The Silicon Slopes 2017 Spring Lecture Series at Utah Valley University

The Utah Valley University Entrepreneurship Institute is teaming up with Silicon Slopes to deliver this series of talks from all-star entrepreneurs. 

The Lecture Series is open to students and community members who are interested in learning from experienced entrepreneurs. If you've started a business, are thinking about starting a business, or just want to hear about the experiences of seasoned entrepreneurs, this lecture series is for you.

Click the image above to see the list of speakers or click here to register to attend.

You can learn to become a successful Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneurship Institute at Utah Valley University connects student entrepreneurs with the information and resources they need to identify and execute on viable market opportunities.

We cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset of students across the UVU campus. To that end, we host networking events to connect student entrepreneurs with their peers, experienced mentors, and seasoned business coaches. We also run business innovation competitions.

Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Minor for non-business majors as well as the Entrepreneurship Emphasis for business majors. If you're not quite ready for that level of commitment, join the Entrepreneurship Lecture series and hear from seasoned and successful entrepreneurs about their war stories.

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UVU Big Idea Challenge

Got a great business idea?

What problem can you fix? What can you invent? Who can you help?

Every month we ask students to tell us about their best business ideas. You don't have to be an entrepreneurship or business major to submit your idea!

The best ideas will win $100 to help develop the idea. You can choose to develop it further yourself or hand it over so that others can work with it. So tell us, what's your idea?