ENST Minor

Environmental Studies Minor at UVU (18 credit hours)

I. Environmental Studies Minor Core (3 credit hours). Complete the following course:

ENST 3000 Introduction to Environmental Studies

II. Environmental Studies Minor Electives (15 credit hours). Complete 5 of the following courses of 4 different prefixes from at least 2 different Schools.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

ANTH/HLTH 3150 Culture, Ecology, and Health

COMM 3130 The Culture of Nature and Technology

GEOG 3010 Economic Geography

GEOG/ENVT 3630 Introduction to GIS

HIST 3260 History of Utah

HIST 3420 History of Technology

HIST 4620 History of the American West

HIST/GEOG 3800 Environmental History of the United States

PHIL 3530 Environmental Ethics

POLS 1800 Our Global Community

SOC 3450 Environmental Sociology

[or any other advisor approved courses]

College of Science and Health

BIOL 1010 General Biology

BIOL 2500 Environmental Biology

BIOL 3700 General Ecology

BIOL 3800 Conservation Biology

BIOL 4500 Principles of Evolution

ENVT 3280 Environmental Law

ENVT 3850 Environmental Policy

GEO 1220 Historical Geology

GEO 3210 Environmental Geology

GEOG/ENVT 3630 Introduction to GIS

METO 3100 Earth Systems

[or any other advisor approved courses]

School of Business

ECON 3040 Environmental Economics

[or any other advisor approved courses]