About Us

The goals of the Equity in Education Center

  • Promote inclusion, acceptance, and respect for diversity in Utah classrooms, work environments, and communities.
  • Assist Utah's workforce and future workforce become self-sufficient through knowledge of opportunities and positive decision making.
  • Raise awareness of the harmful effects of media and advertising on our society.
  • Raise awareness and advocate prevention of violence and abuse in our community.

These goals are accomplished as the center assists educators to become aware of and address stereotyping and bias in the curriculum, classroom and school environment, and in teaching the process of becoming self-reliant and good citizens. The Equity in Education Center also focuses on providing training and resources to students, educators, youth mentors, and community members throughout Utah in an effort to help all succeed by developing skills and awareness to better prepare them to deal with many common societal challenges.

The Equity In Education Center provides the following services:

The Clothesline Project, a traveling display and now an interactive on-line experience, raises awareness about the reality and impact of violence in our communities. Learn more about the Clothesline Project and view the display here.

Annual Expanding Your Horizons Conference for girls. This is a math/science/technology career conference for 6th to 12th grade girls from Utah and its surrounding states. Find more information on the Expanding Your Horizons conference here.

Groundbreaking Empowering Your Tomorrow Conference for boys. This conference is designed for 6th - 12th grade boys and will introduce them to a variety of careers they can pursue if they continue their education. Find more information on the Empowering Your Tomorrow Conference here.

MECCA Training Curriculum. Trainings are provided free of charge to Elementary and Secondary school teachers, student teachers, and administrators; UVU faculty and staff; and interested community members and organizations.

Free resource library available to the public. For more information on the resource library, please visit here.

If you would like more information, want to contribute or otherwise support our efforts, or if you have any questions not answered by this website, please visit How Can I Help? or Contact Information.