Get Involved

There are many ways individuals can contribute to our efforts. The Equity Center is a non-profit organization that is always in search of volunteers or interns, funds, information and other contributions. If you would like to volunteer with or contribute to any of our varied projects, please contact us by phone (801) 863-8498 or by e-mail at to discuss possibilities. You can also help by getting involved with other, similar activities that improve your community.

The Clothesline Project needs infusions of cash or in-kind donations to provide t-shirts and supplies to those who wish to share their stories. Volunteers are also needed to help organize, set up, display, and explain the project to visitors.

Our Expanding Your Horizons Conference for girls and Empowering Your Tomorrow Conference for boys are chiefly staffed by volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help find presenters in the offered career classes, to direct the girls and boys to their classes on the day of the conference, and to otherwise help organize this event. The Expanding Your Horizons and Empowering Your Tomorrow Conferences requires a $25 registration fee from participants. While this small amount does not even cover the cost of the conference, it is still too much for some families to afford. Financial contributions enable us to provide scholarships to low income girls and boys who would otherwise be unable to attend. Financial contributions could also be earmarked for lunches, t-shirts, packets, or other items.

The Equity Center provides important Work Study and Internship opportunities for interested individuals. Being a Work Study or Intern at the Equity Center would involve (depending on interest and ability):

  • Developing publicity for various events.
  • Interacting with the media and other community groups interested in the events.
  • Developing and implementing an effective marketing campaign (building on current efforts) to promote the center.
  • Maintaining (and updating) an interactive website.
  • Writing press releases.
  • Marketing the Equity Center to UVU, the community, and secondary schools in Utah.
  • Writing grants.
  • Updating the files, training materials, and resources related to Equity Center events and training.
  • Researching, writing, and producing quarterly electronic newsletters on educational and equity issues.
  • Responding to requests from the community for presentations and materials.
  • Becoming familiar with the MECCA training materials.
  • Being trained as a presenter, then co-present, then present workshops on her or his own to requesting groups.
  • Handling scheduling, preparation, and necessary paperwork for the presentations.
  • Developing and updating presentation materials.
  • Contacting the local schools and distributing Expanding Your Horizons and Empowering Your Tomorrow registration materials.
  • Contacting and scheduling Expanding Your Horizons and Empowering Your Tomorrow presenters and preparing their resources and materials.
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to help the day of the Expanding Your Horizons and Empowering Your Tomorrow conferences.
  • Responding to questions about Expanding Your Horizons and Empowering Your Tomorrow conferences from the public.
  • Overseeing the setting up and taking down of the Clothesline Project, training volunteers, and explaining the project to visitors.
  • Updating and managing the resource library.
  • Filing and photocopying and other day to day office duties.