Paramedic FAQs

  • What is a Paramedic? 
A paramedic is a member of the Emergency Medical Services system that provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) to the acutely ill and critically injured.  The paramedic scope of practice provides for some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment skills in the pre-hospital environment.  Skills within the scope of practice for a paramedic are venous access, medication administration, advanced airway access, and EKG interpretation.

  • How do I become a paramedic? 
The Utah Valley University (UVU) Paramedic program is a State and Nationally accredited training institute. Successful completion of the UVU Paramedic program qualifies students to test for the National Registry Examination. In order to be considered for the Paramedic Program, applicants must be a certified Utah EMT in good standing, and meet the necessary academic requirements.

  • When is the Paramedic Program held? 
UVU has two classes a year, August-April and January-August. Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 0800-1700hrs during the first semester. The second semester is the clinical portion and the times and locations will vary during the semester.

  • How long is the Paramedic Program? 
The program runs 8 months and totals approximately 1,400 hours of core curriculum/clinical time during which certification will include ACLS, PEP, NRP, PHTLS, and AMLS.

  • Where is the Paramedic Program held? 
 First Semesterdidactic courses are taught at the Provo Campus located at: 3131 Mike Jense Parkway, Provo, Utah. Second semester clinical time is at various hospitals and EMS provider agencies along the Wasatch Front.

  • What are the entry requirements? 
 You must be admitted to UVU at the time the application is submitted. Academic requirements needed to be completed for acceptance into the program: Complete math and English at 0990 level or higher, Utah EMT certified, and ZOOL 1090 with a “C” or higher, Successful applicants often include students who have completed UVU Fire academy, and/or have prior experience as an EMT or related health care provider.

  • What is the cost?
 Tuition is based upon the current UVU tuition plus lab fees, books and uniforms. Financial aid and payment plans are available through UVU.

  • What is the application process?
To be considered for the Utah Valley University Paramedic program, prospective students must complete an application available at the Emergency Services Department, participate in the written, physical, and interview assessment. Upon acceptance into the program, candidates must complete the required medical (vaccinations) and academic clearance prior to beginning the course.  Applications are due April 1st, for Fall Semester entrance, October 1st,  for Spring Semester.

  • What degrees are available? There is a 1 year certificate, an Associate in Applied Science, an Associate in Science and a Bachelor of Science


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