Recruit Candidate Academy

The Recruit Candidate Academy (RCA) at Utah Valley University is a "para-military" firefighter academy designed to prepare future firefighters for a career in the fire service.
The RCA comprises approximately 400 hours of classroom and "fireground" training, plus an additional 300 hours of college-level pre-requisite course work.
Prospective students are registered through Utah Valley University, and are enrolled in 16 credits of instruction for the academic semester.
If you would like to receive an information packet, please send an e-mail to the Emergency Services department at

Recruit Candidate Academy (RCA)

Fully Accredited RCA Program

In November, 2014, the RCA at UVU was awarded full Accreditation through the Utah Fire Service Standards and Training Council and State Fire Prevention Board. A letter of Accreditation was also received from Hugh Connor, the Director of the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy confirming our Award as per Utah Code R710-10-8. The RCA at UVU will be accredited until January, 2019.


Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

Firefighter Rookie Challenge

Fire Games (Graduating RCA vs. Alumni)