Emergency Management

The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Service Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Administration is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in Homeland Security and Emergency Service. The Web-based baccalaureate program combines the professional skills of specialized areas of homeland security, criminal justice, and emergency management with research and analytical skills. As a graduate of this program, you may seek opportunities in Hospital Administration and Emergency Response, Fire and Rescue, Federal Emergency Management Administration, Department of Defense, Fire Inspectors and Investigators, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Corrections, Probation, Parole, Fraud Investigation, Juvenile Justice Facilities among others. Examine the roots of terrorism, response methods to weapons of mass destruction and other disaster incidents, crisis negotiation, and conflict resolution. The program is designed to help prepare criminal justice professionals, military personnel, emergency response individuals or businesspeople for new opportunities in the field of homeland security, especially with multinational corporations.

What is Emergency Services Management?

Emergency Services Administration Bachelors Degree FAQ's

Major Sheet for Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Administration - Emphasis in Emergency Management

Degree Facts

Career Opportunities:

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • The United States Department of Defense
  • The United States Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Fire and Emergency Service Agencies
  • Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
  • State, County, and Municipal Fire Departments
  • State, County, and Municipal Police Departments
  • State, County, and Municipal Emergency Management Departments
  • Private industries to include the Insurance Industry
  • Public and Private Loss Prevention Positions

Employment Outlook:

Profession Positions (Nationally) Median Income
Emergency Manager 12,000+* $62,282.00*
Law Enforcement 633,700+* $51,410.00*
Fire and Rescue 298,000+* $44,260.00*
Fire Inspectors and Investigators 12,900+* $53,030.00*

*Current employment/salary statistics according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics