• Brian Birch

    Dr. Brian D. Birch


    Brian Birch received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Philosophy from the University of Utah (1990, 1992) and completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion and Theology from Claremont Graduate University in 1998. He specializes in the philosophy of religion, ethics, religious pluralism, and comparative Christian thought. He is the founding editor of Teaching Ethics and Element: The Journal of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology. His current book project is entitled Mormonism Among Christian Theologies for Oxford University Press.

  • Jonathan Westover

    Jonathan Westover

    Assistant Director

    Jonathan Westover is an Assistant Professor of Management and Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Ethics at Utah Valley University, specializing in international human resource management, organizational development, and community-engaged experiential learning. His ongoing research examines issues of globalization, labor transformation, work quality characteristics, the determinants of job satisfaction cross-nationally, and higher-education pedagogy.

  • Susanna Garcia

    Susanna Garcia

    Program Director

    Susanna Garcia graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Social and Behavioral Science and Environmental Studies. Prior to working for UVU, she worked in the non-profit field of international development for 8 years. She has extensive experience on meeting the needs of people and communities in the developing world. Susanna speaks and writes Spanish fluently. She has worked as a Spanish web consultant for an environmental organization which linked people and technology to resources to support urban and community forests. Her humanitarian service has included projects in Guatemala, Peru and Ecuador. Susanna has volunteered with Meals on Wheels, Red Cross, Save our Canyons, Splore, Utah Aids Foundation and Utah Society for Environmental Education.

  • Elaine Englehardt

    Elaine Englehardt

    Distinguished Professor of Ethics

    Elaine Englehardt is a Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Professor of Philosophy at Utah Valley University (UVU). She has taught ethics, philosophy and communication classes at UVU since 1976. For the past twenty five years, she has written and directed seven multi-year, national grants in the area of Ethics and Ethics Across the curriculum. Her first grant was from National Endowment for the Humanities in 1986 which funded the beginning of the Ethics and Values core, interdisciplinary course at UVU. Continuing this line of scholarship, she is considered the founder of the Ethics Across the Curriculum movement. She is the author of eight books and the co-editor of the journal Teaching Ethics. She has written numerous peer reviewed articles. She has served in various administrative positions at UVU including Vice President, Dean and Director. Her PhD is from the University of Utah.

  • Alex Strasburg

    Alex Strasburg

    Communication Specialist

    Alex Strasburg graduated for Utah Valley University in Summer 2014 with an Integrated Studies Degree in Philosophy and History. Previously employeed at the Office of Engaged Learning, Alex provides media and communication support for the Center for the Study of Ethics. His interests include religious studies, computer coding, and graphic design.