Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the CSE is tripartite: the Executive Committee, the Community Advisory Board, and the Faculty Advisory Committee.

The executive committee oversees the daily operations of the center. Members of the executive committee serve in a particular position at UVU:


  • Director (Brian D. Birch) 
  • Associate Director (Jon Westover)

  • Program Coordinator (Susanna Garcia)

  • Distinguished Professor of Ethics (Elaine E. Englehardt)

  • Utah Democracy Project Program Coordinator (Jeffrey S. Nielsen)

  • Ethics Certificate Program Coordinator (Karen Mizell)

The community advisory board consists of community leaders, activists and scholars who are not employees or students of UVU. The community advisory board provides an off-campus perspective for the center. Board members are asked to attend major events sponsored by the center and to support the goals of the center. The board helps to ensure the ethical integrity of the center itself and selects the recipient of the annual Excellence in Ethics Award.

  • Monroe J. Paxman, Provo

  • Shirley B. Paxman, Provo

  • Kerry D. Romesburg, At large

  • Linda Walton, Provo

  • David Winder, Salt Lake City

  • Lucille Stoddard, Provo

The Ethics Across the Curriculum Faculty Advisory Committee (EACFAC) is responsible for selecting the University Faculty Fellows in Ethics. The committee consists of 18 UVU faculty members, nominated by the dean's council, who serve staggered three-year terms. Members of the executive committee, the vice president for academic affairs, and deans are invited to attend meetings ex officio but do not vote on action items.

2012-2013 EACFAC

2011-2012 EACFAC

2009-2010 EACFAC

2008-2009 EACFAC