Statement of Purpose

The Center for the Study of Ethics (CSE) is a unit of the Office of Academic Affairs. The purpose of the CSE is to promote the study of interdisciplinary ethics. Interdisciplinary ethics includes traditional moral philosophy and the integration of theory and practice across the disciplines and professions. Center activities include public forums and extra-curricular support of faculty and student scholarship.

Ethics forums engage individuals with others in discussion. An educated citizenry is necessary for democracy, and the study of interdisciplinary ethics aids individuals in making moral decisions relevant to professional, private, and public life. While CSE programming addresses controversial ethics and public policy, the CSE itself is non-advocacy. The goal of the CSE is to foster civil dialogue and build community.

Regular public forums include: Ethics Awareness Week, Excellence in Ethics Award, University Faculty Fellows in Ethics Keynote Addresses, Ethics and Public Policy Symposium, Conference by the Faculty, Business Ethics Award, Environmental Ethics Symposium, Ethics Forums for Faculty Research, and the Ethics Across the Curriculum Faculty Summer Seminar. The CSE also hosts special forums in response to contemporary events.