Readings and Resources

Fall 2013 Events

Buy Nothing Day

Tuesday, November 21, 2013
Panel Discussion on Consumerism (in observance of Black Friday)
Buddhism and Consumerism


Spring 2014 Events

Conference by the Faculty

Jonathan Westover:Effectively Combining Traditional Learning and e-Learning Pedagogies Across Disciplines: Ethical Considerations and Student Success Outcomes

Jeff Cold: Flipped Classroom 101

Alex Simon and Steven Clark: Ballot Measures and Democracy

Chris Weigel: The Ethics of Everyday Confabulation

Brian Birch: Mormonism, Race, and Religious Authority

Keith Snedegar: Memorials

Wayne Hanewicz: How Shall We Replace Ourselves?

Thi Nguyen: Ethical Uncertainty and Tolerance

Anne Arendt and Cheryl Hanewicz: Surveillance, Privacy, and Societal Indifference

John Fisher: Media Policies in the Emergency Services

Ruhul Kuddus: Organic Evolution and the Darwin Wallace Controversy

Mark Olsen: Personality Disorders and Responsibility

Kim Bartholomew: Digital Divide and Patient Portals

Sheldon Smith: Traditional Health Insurance and High-Deductible Health Plans: Tax and Public Policy Implications

Paul Morrey: Guiding undergraduate researchers: Proposing the addition of National Drug Codes to the MalaCards Integrated Database


Ethics Forum for Faculty Research

March 4, 2014
"Cuban Democratic Institutions"
Lynn England, Lecturer, History and Political Science

Klepak:Cuba's Revolutionary Armed Forces

Leogrande:The Cuban Nation's Single Party

Sweig, Bustamante:Cuba After Communism