The Center for the Study of Ethics presents two University Faculty Fellows in Ethics awards each year to facilitate interdisciplinary ethics scholarship. The awards may include but are not limited to anthropology, art, astronomy, athletics, biology, chemistry, communication, ecology, economics, geology, history, humanities, interdisciplinary studies, literature, mathematics, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, religion and sociology.

Award recipients will each receive a stipend of $5,000. The stipend may be used at the fellow's discretion for hiring research assistants, purchasing books and other research materials, travel related to the research, working in cooperation with the department chair and/or dean to hire contingent faculty to reduce teaching load, etc. The stipend may not be used to buy computer equipment or software, as this is the responsibility of academic departments.

One University Faculty Fellow in Ethics for Liberal Arts and Science is appointed per academic year. Additionally one University Faculty Fellow in Ethics for the Professions is appointed per academic year. The fellowships may be held during a regular, sabbatical, or visiting professor year.

Nancy L. Peterson, Professor of Education (2013-2014) (Professions)
Scott Hatch, Lecturer in English and Literature (2013-2014) (Liberal Arts and Science)

Laura Hamblin, Associate Professor of English and Literature (2007-2008)
David C. Knowlton, Associate Professor of Anthropology (2008-2009)
Ruhul Kuddus, Associate Professor of Biology (2009-2010)
Jeff Bulger, Professor of Philosophy (2010-2011)
Gaya Carlton, Professor of Nursing (2011-2012) (Professions)
Chris Weigel, Associate Professor of Philosophy (2011-2012) (Liberal Arts and Science)
Jonathan H. Westover, Assistant Professor of Management (2012-2013) (Professions)
Steven H. Emerman, Associate Professor of Earth Science (2012-2013) (Liberal Arts and Science)