Instructions for submitting announcements to UVAnnounce

  1. Review the announcements on myUVU
  2. Click on the submit an announcement button
  3. Fill in the headline – there is a 52 character limit
  4. Complete the details section – this will also fill in the Summary – but should put the text in the details section
  5. Other information – include the event location and URL or email address when appropriate – next
  6. Please indicate when the announcement should run – the maximum is 14 days – next
  7. In the UVU Announcement – use the drop down list and indicate which category this announcement should run in – you should only choose one - next
  8. If there are viewing restrictions, please click which group should view the announcement – if it is available to all, leave all boxes unchecked – next
  9. If there should be a file attached – please do so on this page – next
  10. Review your announcement – checking grammar and spelling – next
  11. If everything is correct, click the Finish button