Standing Committee Members

Standing Committee Members

Curriculum Committee 

Chair: Ryan Leick
Members: Bobbi Kassel (CAPS); Alex Yuan (CHSS); Dave Keller (CSH); John Anderson (CTC); Steve Bule (SOA); Ann Sharp (SOE); Kuo Liang "Leo" Chang (UC); Mikki O'Connor (WSB)

Faculty Development Committee
Chair: Craig Thulin
Members: John Fischer (CAPS); Jerry Peterson (CHSS); Karen Preston (CSH); Trudy Christensen (CTC); Chris Witt (SOA); Sandy Jay (SOE); Josh Hilst (UC); Ben Bean (WSB)

Service and Elections Committee
Chair: Clayton Brown
Members: Steve Allred (CAPS); Grace Chou (CHSS); Francine Jensen (CSH); Paul Cheney (CTC); Reed Criddle (SOA); Sue Womack (SOE); Kuo-Liang Chang (UC); Abdus Samad (WSB)

Retention, Tenure, Promotion and Appeals Committee 

Chair: Jim Pettersson
Members: Greg Schwab (CAPS); Matthew Draper (CHSS); Ruhul Kuddus (CSH); Masood Amin (CTC); Bob Dewitt (SOA); Elaine Tuft (SOE); Evelyn Porter (UC); Kevin Smith (WSB)

Special Assignments & Investigations

Chair: Anne Arendt
Members: Formed As Needed