About The Faculty Center

Ursula Sorensen, Associate Director

Ursula Sorensen

Phone: 801-863-8372

Email: Sorensur@uvu.edu

I have been working for the Faculty Center since 2006 and have taught at UVU for 13 years as an adjunct in the Community Health Department. I've also taught at BYU and at the U of U.

I received my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Brigham Young University in Health Sciences and am currently finishing my dissertation at the University of Utah for a Doctorate in Health Promotion and Education with an emphasis in Pedagogy. I have a designation from the University of Utah as a Higher Education Teaching Specialist.

I am passionate about helping faculty develop their teaching practice, and believe wholeheartedly in the engaged learning philosophy.


Trevor Morris

Trevor Morris, Program Coordinator

Phone: 801-863-6361

Email: trevor.morris@uvu.edu

I received my M.S. in General Psychology from Palo Alto University in 2008. I taught psychology classes in the Behavioral Science department for five years. My favorite class to teach is PSY 3420 Learning, Memory, and Cognition.

I have worked as the Program Coordinator in the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence since January 2012. I mentor adjuncts, provide training and workshops to department, and manage the Student Consultation on Teaching program (SCOT). In addition to those duties, I search for grants and mange the FCTE website. I received UVU Professional Association of Campus Employee (PACE) 2012-2013 Distinguished Employee Award. 

Joyce Oliphant, Administrative Assistant Joyce Opiphant

Phone: 801-863-8924

Email: Oliphajo@uvu.edu

I have been in the position of Administrative Assistant for the Faculty Center, under various directors, for thirteen years. In 2007, we got new leadership with Ursula Sorensen hired as Associate Director and Anton Tolman hired as the new Director of the Faculty Center. Both of these new Directors have brought progress and a high degree of service to ALL faculty.

It is great to work on a productive team with direction in goal setting and providing the various faculty workshops, courses, conferences, new faculty orientation with its ongoing component the new faculty scholars program, adjunct faculty conferences, guest speakers, and working with other departments for other events.

The highlight of each year has been preparing for the New Faculty Orientation. It is a joy to meet the new faculty each year.

The Faculty Center's new vision to innovate faculty development and engage student learning as well as its new mission to provide collaborative leadership and promote collegiality, have been an active part of the services this past year and will continue as a focus in the future.