UVU Adjuncts


Welcome To The Adjunct Page 

Four core themes guide us here at UVU, which include: student success, engaged, inclusive, and serious. To help students in engaged learning, we believe the core themes should be applied to adjuncts as well as students.

Student Success: UVU is a regional teaching institution focused on teaching.

Engaged: Applying learning from the classroom to projects in the community.

Inclusive: Adjuncts sometimes feel like an outsider at an institution as large as UVU. Adjuncts are a critical component of UVU's mission as a teaching institution. It is important adjuncts get the training and support they need to accomplish this goal.

Serious: We are serious about the scholarship of teaching and learning.

At the FCTE, we support adjuncts in developing these four core themes. Our programs and services are designed to incorporate these four themes.