Mission and Vision of the Faculty Center

The Mission:

The Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence (FCTE) builds and contributes to the engagement culture at UVU through faculty professional development and by promoting and supporting faculty adoption of engaged learning strategies that promote student success.

The Vision:

The FCTE will become a central resource for faculty, departments, and colleges and schools seeking to implement engaged learning with their students; regionally, the FCTE will become known as a source for innovation and effective implementation of engaged learning practices and a resource to higher education institutions.

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Upcoming Faculty Center Events

Aug 18 & Aug 19  9 am - 4 pm Room: LC 243 Flyer

New Full-time Faculty Orientation


Aug 21 OR Aug 23 See flyer for times  Room: LC 243 Flyer

New Adjunct Faculty Orientation




SoTE Announcements 

HETL-SoTE VII Conference Website

Circle Conference 2014 at Washington University in St. Louis 

"Integrating Cognitive Science with Innovative Teaching in STEM Disciplines"

"This national conference bridges the gap between learning theory and STEM education by featuring cutting-edge research on innovations in higher education in a variety of STEM fields – biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and psychology – and pertinent research from cognitive and educational psychology.

Integrating scholarly research on cognitive psychology and STEM education, this conference will produce a synthesis of the current state of knowledge on the science of education, identify outstanding remaining issues, and provide fruitful directions for continuing development of an evidence-based framework for STEM education."


Dates: September 11-12, 2014

Conference Website

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