New Faculty Teaching Scholars

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Full-time faculty who are new hires (lecturers, tenure-track assistant and associate professors) are encouraged to participate in the NFTS program. This is a year-long program that usually meets for lunch every other week in the fall and five times in the spring. These meetings are focused on helping faculty understand an academic career, locate and identify essential resources on campus, create a learning cohort, establish relationships with faculty from across campus, and to begin the process of discussing a coherent teaching philosophy. The meetings often alternate between discussing career/extended orientation issues and discussions of readings from Weimer's (2002) book Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes To Practice. All faculty in the NFTS are encouraged to participate in the Teaching Academy beginning in their 2nd year. Department Chairs of new faculty are encouraged to ensure that new faculty are not scheduled to teach during the lunch hour when the NFTS meets.