Tenure at UVU

The Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence (FCTE) supports faculty as they move through the tenure process. The resources on this page are intended to assist faculty and departments with information and resources. Additionally, the FCTE has developed a series of workshops that run every spring semester that cover topics such as the tenure portfolio, peer observation, interpreting SRIs and building a teaching philosophy. The goal of the workshops is to help faculty prepare their tenure portfolio for review.

Faculty: please work closely with your department RTP committee and Associate V.P. of Academic Affairs, Administration to determine what is necessary for your tenure portfolio. Some department RTP committees may have rubrics to evaluate teaching, scholarship and service, and each department will have its own set of defined tenure guidelines. Small departments may have an RTP committee composed of members from several departments in the relevant school or college. Please note that UVU emphasizes the importance of documenting engaged teaching and learning.

Binder dividers with the required sections for your portfolio are available from the V.P. of Academic Affairs Administration. 

Departments:The FCTE provides support to departments in defining engagement within the discipline and has developed some rubrics (see below) that link to UVU's mission and Core Themes. Departments may adapt these rubrics for their own use, or can use them as a source of additional input on RTP guidelines or procedures. The FCTE can also provide RTP Committees and departments with workshops to enhance the evaluation of engaged teaching. Workshop topics include: evaluating the portfolio, best practices in peer observation, evaluating SRIs and teaching philosophy statements.


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