Teaching & Learning Scholarship

The Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence not only supports faculty who use research to inform their pedagogy, but who also engage in the scholarship of teaching, learning, and engagement. 


Scholarship & Research Resources at UVU

The resources here are intended to help engage in scholarship.

Undergraduate Research

Involving undergraduates in research is one practice that increases student persistence and cognitive development. Osborn and Karukstis 

Benefits to Students

Gains in cognitive, intellectual, knowledge, and skills

  • Mastery of content
  • Transfer to novel problems
  • Increased creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills
  • Enhanced written and oral communication 
  • Increased discipline skills
  • Better at making connections to other disciplines 

Gains in educational attainment

  • Higher retention 
  • Better grades
  • Higher persistence 
  • Higher rates of acceptance to graduate or professional schools

Professional Gains 

  • Working with others
  • Strong relationships to mentor
  • Increased profession credentials

Personal Gains

  • Increase curiosity and confidence
  • Develop initiative 
  • Greater appreciation for lifelong learning

Benefits to Faculty

  • Opportunity to mentor and engage with students
  • Work with other faculty and students in a discipline
  • Opportunity to engage in the scholarship of teaching
  • Increased personal and job satisfaction
  • Opportunity to achieve scholarly and professional outcomes including tenure  

UVU Undergraduate Research Resources and Programs


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