SCOT Program Description

"I love the SCOT program! The student consultants have helped me update my syllabus to better meet students' needs, and they have conducted focus groups that helped me improve the class dynamic in a class I felt was going off course. I feel like I'm a better teacher because I've been able to work with SCOTs."

-English Professor
SCOTS fall 2013

The Students Consulting on Teaching (SCOT) Program is a group of carefully selected and trained Student Consultants at UVU who work with professors on campus by request. SCOTs work to increase the quality of education, promote and implement engaged teaching and learning practices, and channel helpful feedback and suggestions to instructors from a student perspective to help them become aware of the resources they have available to them. Through various observations, focus groups, and review services, SCOTs provide confidential feedback to all faculty who request it. This is intended as a type of formative assessment, but because the feedback is coming from a student, with a trained student's perspective on learning and teaching, most faculty find it very valuable.

The SCOT Programis a very unique and exciting program that began at Utah Valley University in the year 2008 under the guidance of the UVU Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence. It is an ever growing and developing program. The program is voluntary and anonymous, so the professors who contact us are seeking to work with us. The program is offered to all instructors at the university; faculty members from every college and school have participated.

UVU SCOT Agreement with Teikyo UniversitySCOT MOU

The UVU SCOT programsigned an agreement with Teikyo University in Tokyo, Japan on November 7, 2013 at the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Teikyo Univeristy created their own SCOT Program, modeled after UVU's SCOT program. The agreement included:

  • Exchanging SCOTs, staff and professors
  • Collaborative research and academic meetings
  • Conducting lecture and symposia
  • Exchanging information 

In March 2014, Anton Tolman (Director, UVU's FCTE) and Dustin Tolman (UVU SCOT Coordinator) were able to visit Teikyo University to participate in an International Symposium on Student Engagement, where they presented about paradigm shifts in the educational system, and about the UVU SCOT Program's history, progress, and success over the last several years. This is the first such exchange between the two SCOT programs. 

SCOT Teikyo

What Professors Are Saying About the SCOT Program 

Quotes from professors who have used the SCOT program:

"Love it. It gives me a new insight on what my students are thinking." –Developmental Math

"[The SCOT] went above and beyond the typical SCOT efforts. She created a new survey and survey methodology so she could survey my online class. It was very helpful in finding out what was working and what was not and in identifying ways to make the online class more engaging."-Finance

"My experience with my SCOT consultant was very helpful! And, I appreciated her willingness to find out specific information that I was wondering about my class. I don't have any suggestions. I have recommended the SCOT program to other adjunct faculty as well." – Psychology

SCOT 2013"Right now, I got help via a syllabus review. I was pleasantly surprised by how complete the syllabus review was. [The SCOT] made some very helpful suggestions I plan to use to improve the syllabus in each course." –Information Technology

"This is the second time I've used the program, and I plan on using it again in the future. It provides helpful documentation for the tenure file and some great insights into how class time is used." –Theatre

"Excellent, timely feedback. Great report. Surprised how precise the evaluations are. Very helpful, loved it." - ESL

"I loved getting feedback during the semester. I feel very strongly about my SRIs, but they have an issue of being too late for the students who write them - I can't make changes to the semester they were on. Getting this feedback partly through the semester made a big difference for me and for my students." – Developmental Math

"I asked [the SCOT] to look for some specific things. She offered very useful suggestions to help me improve these areas. I appreciated the attention and thought that she put into responding to my requests. This was a very positive and productive experience for me as a teacher." –Humanities