Faculty Travel Grant Application

Faculty Senate Faculty Development Committee

This application is not complete until your department chair has approved it.

ATTENTION Department Chairs:Please submit your statement of approval to Jena Giddings, Office of Teaching and Learning, Jena.Giddings@uvu.edu.


Name UVID Today´s Date
Department: E-mail: Phone:

Type of Conference
Scholarship of Teaching/Engagement
Knowledge/content Related
Explain of other:

(Attach a copy of the Conference brochure or other information and indicate what sessions you plan to attend)

Are you mentoring or sponsoring students who will present a paper, poster, or participate in a symposium at this conference?
Faculty Involvement at the Conference (check all that apply)
Not Presenting
Chairing a committee, presiding over a body of a professional organization


Dates of Travel:
Name and Description of the Conference:
If presenting at the conference indicate presentation title and description:
If mentoring students, please describe what the students will be doing:
If attending a nonpedagogical conference: Specifically explain how attending the sessions you marked will advance your research, scholarly work, or affect your teaching: (use the back of the page if you need more space or attach another page):

Please be aware that you can only submit one travel application per academic year, so make sure this is the travel you wish to be funded.


Travel Budget

Conference Fees:
Air Fare:
Room Tax:
Cost to/from Airport:
Meal/per Diem:
Department Contribution:
Other Contribution:
TOTAL Funds requested:
What resources is your funding coming from?
Department Funding
Other Funding          Specify:
I have read the guidelines and understand them.
Yes, I have read them
No, I have not read them
Were you awarded travel last academic year?
If yes, how did you share or disseminate what you learned from your travel:
Presented at department or college meeting.
Presented at a campus symposium or other venue.
Presented at student group or club.
Presented at SoTE.
Wrote a summary of key points and shared documents.
Incorporated the ideas into a student research project.
Posted on website for colleagues and students to view.


Department Chair Information: Required
This application is not complete until the department chair has approved it.
The department chair statement of approval needs to be submitted to Jena Giddings, Office of Teaching and Learning, Jena.Giddings@uvu.edu.
Department Chair Name            Email Address      
Phone Number: