Faculty Travel Grant Application

Faculty Senate Faculty Development Committee

This application is not complete until your department chair has approved it.

ATTENTION Department Chairs:Please submit your statement of approval to Joyce Oliphant, Faculty Center, oliphajo@uvu.edu.


Name UVID Today´s Date
Department: E-mail: Phone:

Type of Conference
Scholarship of Teaching/Engagement
Knowledge/content Related
Explain of other:

(Attach a copy of the Conference brochure or other information and indicate what sessions you plan to attend)

Are you mentoring or sponsoring students who will present a paper, poster, or participate in a symposium at this conference?
Faculty Involvement at the Conference (check all that apply)
Not Presenting
Chairing a committee, presiding over a body of a professional organization


Dates of Travel:
Name and Description of the Conference:
If presenting at the conference indicate presentation title and description:
If mentoring students, please describe what the students will be doing:
If attending a nonpedagogical conference: Specifically explain how attending the sessions you marked will advance your research, scholarly work, or affect your teaching: (use the back of the page if you need more space or attach another page):

Please be aware that you can only submit one travel application per academic year, so make sure this is the travel you wish to be funded.


Travel Budget

Conference Fees:
Air Fare:
Room Tax:
Cost to/from Airport:
Meal/per Diem:
LESS Department Contribution:
LESS Other Contribution:
TOTAL Funds requested:
What resources is your funding coming from?
Department Funding
Other Funding          Specify:
I have read the guidelines and understand them.
Yes, I have read them
No, I have not read them
Were you awarded travel last academic year?
If yes, how did you share or disseminate what you learned from your travel:
Presented at department or college meeting.
Presented at a campus symposium or other venue.
Presented at student group or club.
Presented at SoTE.
Wrote a summary of key points and shared documents.
Incorporated the ideas into a student research project.
Posted on website for colleagues and students to view.


Department Chair Information: Required
This application is not complete until the department chair has approved it.
The department chair statement of approval needs to be submitted to Joyce Oliphant, Faculty Center, oliphajo@uvu.edu.
Department Chair Name            Email Address      
Phone Number: